Join us at Lonin Seattle for BUCKLERFEST 2019: LIKE A BOSS!!

A mixed style sword and buckler extravaganza, this year featuring English, Georgian/Parikaoba, Bolognese, and I.33 in a weekend packed with learning, comparing, contrasting, sparring and general good times.


  • Paul Wagner of Stoccatta School of Defense in Sydney, Australia
  • Mike Cherba of NW Armizare, Portland
  • Jherek Swanger and the Bolognese group of Lonin, Seattle
  • Alex Hanning of Lonin, Seattle
  • A selection of arming swords by Angus Trim will be available to inspect, try out, and for purchase.

Dates and Pricing

Friday the 15th, 7:30pm-9pm
Coached Sparring/Meet and Greet
Saturday the 16th, 9am-6pm
Sunday the 17th, 9am-6pm

Price tier 1: $100 (Ends Jan. 26)
Price tier 2: $120 (Ends Feb. 11)
Full Price: $150 (Feb. 12 onwards)

How to pay:


1. Paypal the current tier amount to
Include in the transaction details: Your name, email contact and “BUCKLERFEST”


2. Go to
Select the “One time donation” button
Enter the current tier amount, your credit card information, Click the box to share the mailing address with us. Fill out the contact information section. Click “Donate now”

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