We are an independent martial arts club that runs practices seven days a week. Any member can now study and benefit from a broad spectrum of martial arts styles and physical fitness techniques from the medieval and Victorian/Edwardian eras. We have a great depth of experience in our coaches. We operate as a loosely organized group of friends who enjoy working out together, learning about archaic martial arts techniques, socializing, and yes, hitting each other with swords.


Modum milites habemus

We think as knights do.

We study original sources, such as Fiore’s Flower of Battle, and to the extent possible, work to replicate techniques and tactics depicted therein.

We are a group of ladies and gentlemen. Our interactions are carried out with a spirit of cooperation, chivalry and respect. Most of us have careers, spouses, families, etc. We do this for enjoyment, not profit.

We seek to build martial prowess. This training was meant for survival during duels, on the battlefield, and in desperate back-alley encounters. It is real life-and-death stuff. We have a work ethic, and we help each other get fit, together.

Our club is independent and friendly with all HEMA groups and practitioners.

Our group lacks an authoritarian hierarchy. Some of us organize workouts.


Beginner Friendly


We welcome newcomers and will happily integrate you into our practices. If you want to check it out, you just need to get in touch, show up and give it a try. Whether you are serious about European martial arts, or are just looking for a different type of exercise program to engage your body and mind, you’ll find kindred spirits at our club.

Lonin is a club, not a commercial school. We provide a venue and coaching resources for people who want to learn to fight. Our practices are run by volunteer coach-organizers. We don’t offer lessons for sale. Instead we offer membership in a club. Our doors are always open to potential training partners, or even people curious to get a look at historical Western martial arts.

What does that mean for you, the interested newcomer? You’ll take responsibility for your own training. Swordfighting is a challenging martial art involving many complexities. Ultimately it is up to the individual to determine his or her own path. Attaining expertise in martial arts is a life-long path of hard work and self-discovery.



Board of Directors

Non profits are required to have a Board of Directors. As a board we strive to stay out of the way as much as possible. We take care of the administrative work, fundraising and making sure all coaches, members and groups have as much room to grow and learn and make their own choices.


email the board board@lonin.org