Code of Conduct


Welcome to Lonin! We hope you will get as much enjoyment from our training space and community as we do! We are a non-profit community of volunteers and there are many ways for you to get involved.

This Code applies to all members of Lonin as well as visitors and first-time participants. Any violations of the Code should be reported to a member of the Board (check our website to see our leadership team) or to a coach. Failure to abide by these expectations may result in a permanent ban.



  • Address your training partners and coaches in a respectful way at all times.
  • Respect SANCA’s space and staff by staying off SANCA equipment and out of restricted areas. Show respect and kindness to everyone in the building. Avoid swearing or foul language.
  • Return Lonin equipment to its proper place once you are finished with it. Leave the Lonin space looking as orderly or more so than when you found it.
  • Listen to and respect your coach/practice leader. Practice in the class is at their discretion. Avoid crosstalk when they are speaking.
  • Many of our practices run back-to-back. At the end of practice, please promptly clear the floor (limit conversation/keep volume down) to make space for the next session. If warming up for the next practice, stay off the floor unless the current practice is complete.

Examples of behavior that are not respectful: interrupting or talking over coaches, interrupting or over-explaining during drills with training partners, using club gear inappropriately, borrowing gear without permission. All forms of harassment, discrimination, and bullying are unacceptable at Lonin.


Safety :  It is the duty of each and every participant at Lonin to “think safety”. We are engaged in practicing martial arts, which involves aggressive physical contact using a variety of weapons including fists, swords, spears, and more. Our goal is safety while learning these martial arts, which means everyone is responsible for safety – their own and that of their training partners.

  • Stay off of the floor unless you are participating and have signed the appropriate waivers and this Code.
  • Wear appropriate protective gear. If you are unsure, ask a coach before participating in an activity,  drill, or freeplay sparring.
  • Maintain awareness of and communication with your training partner at all times. Do not abruptly stop a drill without communicating with them.
  • Use the level of contact your partner or coach suggests. Requirements for a lower level of contact should be clearly communicated to your partner before the drill, and updated as needed.
  • Inform your coach and training partners of any medical conditions or injuries that could affect your safety.  
  • Stop whatever you are doing when a person calls GEAR or HALT and take a step back. Remain ready to block any late blow.
  • Shout GEAR when you experience a gear malfunction during a drill, tournament, or while sparring.
  • Take immediate action and shout HALT when you observe two people engaged in activity who are at risk of injuring themselves or others or damaging the space or equipment.


  • Be aware of the position of your weapon or weapon simulator at all times (e.g. point your sword tip at the ground when walking around, standing, and/or listening to a coach).
  • Our space can get crowded. Be aware of your proximity to other participants and spectators at all times.
  • You are expected to take part in all the class activities. You may always decline to participate, in which case you may leave, take a break while observing from the visitors area or practice at the sidelines. In all cases, you must avoid disrupting the activity of the other class participants.

Examples of unsafe behavior: Participating without appropriate protective gear, ignoring coach and training partner requests with regards to technique/intensity, participating in an activity that is beyond your physical ability / skill level, and similar behaviors may cause you to be removed from practice at the coaches’ discretion.

Development:  Lonin is a group of friends who train together and organize ourselves to better our membership and the greater historical martial arts community. To this end we expect that club members and participants treat practices and events as opportunities for development of their own skills and understanding. Look for and ask about ways to contribute – Lonin always has a project or event in the works!


How to participate:

  • Attend classes, workshops, and events on time.
  • Contribute your monthly membership dues. Payment options can be set up on Questions about dues and other payments should be addressed to the club treasurer or registrar (see website).
  • Actively participate during drills and activities; work to understand not only the design of a drill but also its intended purpose.
  • Take responsibility for your own development as a fighter/martial artist.
  • Be patient with your practice partners and yourself. The arts we practice can be challenging, especially as a beginner. Show up, train hard, and stay positive. You will improve!
  • Help your training partners achieve their own goals in the martial arts. Communicate with your training partners about what you need to train successfully.
  • Coaching by people other than the group coaches and most experienced members can be distracting for participants. Rather than telling someone how you think they should do a technique, when it is your turn demonstrate it flawlessly so they might learn through observation. Well meant encouragement is always appreciated when it is not distracting.
  • Participation in any practice is at the discretion of the coach running the practice.