Medieval swordplay seminar with Guy Windsor

March 21, 2015 – 1:30-5:30pm at Jefferson Community Center in Seattle, Washington Maps and directions Lonin League is proud to sponsor a medieval swordplay seminar with Guy Windsor. Mr. Windsor is the founder of The School of European Swordsmanship in Helsinki; the … Continued

Fiore practice – week of 2-Feb 2014

We worked this week on the stretto play where the inside line is open. We got there by having one guy attack and then having the defender pass forward behind a mezzano.  We prepared for this by working first master … Continued

Fiore practice – 8 Jan

We headed back into the dangerous but satisfying realm of stretto last evening. The technical basics are covered in the three center crossings of Guy’s seven crossings drill. These three crossings have the following aspects in common: Point is in … Continued

Sunday Supplement

For a few years now we have held an informal Sunday morning practice, sometimes referred to as the Sunday Supplement. It’s just an open training session for members of both the medieval and 19th Century sides of Lonin. The curriculum … Continued

Flow in effect in the Fiore evening practices

Over the past few weeks we’ve gotten into a good flow with the evening practices. We still have a small crew but the past few weeks there have been 4-5 consistently in attendance and we have established a working pattern … Continued

Compressing time and space in Fiore sparring

Most longsword sparring rule systems give the combatants a lot of space to roam around in and a lot of time in which to do it. Those rules systems were developed for good reasons and we’re not taking issue with … Continued

Sword geeks in the park

Given the (for Seattle) high temperatures, we are training outside this week. We had a full turnout at the Arboretum last evening. The SPD officer present in the parking lot when we arrived, did not seem alarmed at our sword … Continued

Post about the use of solo forms to augment partner practice

In this post, I look at first and second drill from the standpoint of the “happy path” and suggest some solo forms useful for drilling technique, while also acquainting the student with the drill patterns. Keep training!

It's all about the hands

One approach to the problem of getting hit on the hands is to outlaw strikes to the hands. But hands will still get hit by accident. So a better approach is to work on not getting hit. And if you … Continued