Fiore, 8 April 2012

It seemed like a good way to address the high hands problem might be to study all of the ways to defeat an opponent who has gone into high hands mode. We drilled five of them, plus one bonus technique.

1. The canonical Fiorean nut kick.

Not all nut kicks are created equal. Note that the nut kicker in this photo has his body weight and energy forward; he’s not leaning back away from the opponent. That’s better form.

2. Up the middle with arm wrap + chicken wing

This works best when the high hands situation has developed up the middle (no bias to either side) as shown here.

Take the left hand off the pommel, reach between the opponent’s arms, wrap the right arm and chicken-wing it across the body.

what to do with the right arm and sword? In the pictures below, the roles are reversed. Blue has performed the chickenwing on Black. Here he uses his sword to control Black’s left arm

and here he draws his sword hand back for a thrust.

3. Open lane on the right; double arm wrap

Here the high hands clinch has ended up on Black’s left, giving him an open lane to his right.

He reaches in and executes a double arm wrap against Blue.



 4. Open lane on the right; hilt/pommel grab

Another option when the clinch is to the left is to reach over with the left hand and grab the opponent’s hilt or pommel, then apply torque with the strong of the blade to twist the opponent’s sword around.

5. Open lane on the left; pommel strike

When the clinch is biased to the right and a lane is available on the left, as is the case for Black here,

the pommel strike becomes an option. The most powerful version of this is a hooking strike through a horizontal plane,

but in a pinch Black could also lever his pommel up and deliver a “freight train” blow.

6. (Bonus) the symmetrical clinch

It commonly happens in free play and tournaments that the combatants end up in a symmetrical clinch with each using his left to control the other’s right.

Here Black’s arm happens to be above Blue’s. He reaches behind Blue to grab his own blade and pull it up into Blue’s spine.

In the case where Black’s arm is beneath Blue’s, he can still grab his own sword behind Blue’s back and then use it for grappling leverage


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